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    after doing some registry tweaks to enhance pIE as seen on other posts...IE crashes as soon as it loads a webpage. other programs that use the internet such as Windows Live and the news function of AIM also crash when trying to access internet information leading me to believe that the IE reg tweaks are not causing the problem...any suggestions? thanks.
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    What tweaks did you do? That would help greatly.
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    I usually do a hard reset at times you're having
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    I agree, sounds like some bad seeds way down in the reg. Hard reset. Not the most subtle or attractive option, but to go digging around, you might as well spend that time re-installing apps and having a clean system again.
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    Cache to storage card issue...very common. Move the cache back to device.
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    Hey guys thanks for answering a question I didn't even ask. I haven't done the reg tweeks and have seen the PIE close thing, so it's not related. I do have mem maid set to put the cache on the card though...proably my problem.

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