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    I think I posted this in the wrong place the first time, so here it is again in the right (hopefully) forum:

    I bought a Treo 750 on Sunday (4 days ago) and have had this error twice (once on Tuesday, and again yesterday. The first time I had the error I sent the error to Microsoft, as the screen prompted me to do. At that time I did not notice any strange behavior from the Treo.
    Yesterday I got the error again, and did not think much about it until later in the day when I realized that my appointment alarms an touch screen tap sound were gone. Also I could not get the voice command to work. I was able to make a phone call and hear sound, so I was relieved that the speaker was not shot.
    After 2 hours of trying everything I could think of in settings I finally pulled the battery (soft reset) and the problem was gone-everything seems to be working fine now.
    This is a strange problem-I hope that this device holds no more squirrely issues. Being a long time Treo Palm OS user I am new to the WM system and now I'm on the lookout for more issues.....
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    Word seems to be to disable the error reporting to MS and you won't get this error. The error may have something to do with unsigned software on WM devices.
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    gwes.exe I believe is the graphics driver on WM devices. You should not get this error. Usually a bad install or bad app causes it.
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    Try Google, I always find they are helpful.

    I searched for gwes.exe

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