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    Had a Moto 500 for about 3 days before I lost it. Thinking about getting a new one. Palm One site lists:



    * nxZen


    * BT250v
    * BT500
    * BT800


    * Mobile Express
    * Mobile Traveller


    * H500
    * H700


    * Treo Wireless Headset

    Phone Labs

    * Docn 'n Talk


    * Discovery 640
    * Explorer 320


    * HBH-608

    You may experience varied performance from headsets not listed above. Range, advanced features and audio may behave unexpectedly.

    Funny that they don't even list the new Palm ultralight.

    The guy here was pretty straight forward . He said the only headset that works 100% of the time with Treo devices was the original Treo Headset. He could have tried to sell me something for a lot more.

    So what is "Compatible" and who has any suggestions re this issue. Is the New Treo Ultralight the same as Platronics Discovery 640...which is listed on the compatability list? Thanks. I want my hands back....
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    This guy at Amazon agrees...

    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
    This is the only device that works right with the Treo 700p, December 16, 2006
    Reviewer: Doron Avizov "Big D" (Chandler, AZ USA) - See all my reviews
    I've tried the Jabra BT500, the Plantronics Discovery 640, and the Plantronics Explorer 320. Static on the BT500 and the 640 was unacceptable. Static on the 320 was manageable if I didn't move my head or the phone and kept the phone within arms reach of the headset. (That's a polite way of saying unacceptable.) None of the devices just picked up the call when I answered the phone. I'd have to push a button on the headset and then it would still take a few seconds for it to pick up and I'd miss out on whatever the caller was saying during the transition. Often I'd find myself holding the phone to one ear and the headset on the other. I've also had to pair the units to the phone multiple times.

    That is not the case with the Palm Bluetooth Headset for the Treo 650. Once I paired it to the phone, it just picks up every call every time without any delay whatsoever. I've never had to push any button on the headset to get it to work, pick up or hang up a call. The 650 headset also has much better sound quality than the Plantronics and Jabra units. Even after I recharge the headset and turn it back on, the phone "sees" it immediately and it just works. That was not the case with the other brands. And while none of the other brand units had acceptable sound quality at more than three feet away, the Treo unit gives useable sound quality (with some static) at 30 feet away.

    As a bonus, I find it the most comfortable unit of the four that I've tried. It's the only one I can forget I'm wearing. Also, its charging cord receptacle is the same exact one as that of the phone so you need to carry only one charger cord instead of two. Thank you Palm! A Verizon Wireless rep confirmed that the Treo phones have compatibility issues with all Bluetooth headsets so Palm just made their own that simply works the first time and every time.

    Style-wise, to me it looks like any other bluetooth headset. Nice in hand, silly on your head. What do you expect from a funny blue blinking LED in your ear other than to look like you're auditioning for a Star Trek role? That said, I do like that it matches the phone. The first time I held it in my hand I thought it was a cheap piece of junk that someone bought in a bubble gum machine for $0.25. The buttons didn't have anywhere near the resistance or solid feel of the other brands. But once you forget it's on your ear, that's when you appreciate that they made it out of ultra-light plastic instead of metal. This unit feels like it weighs much less than the other 3 and that's why I can forget that I'm wearing it. Also, while the buttons feel flimsy when the unit is in your hand, their tactile response is perfect if you try to use them when it's on your ear. For the other brands the buttons felt great if you were to adjust the unit in your hands but were too difficult to use with the unit on your ear. FYI - the only time you'll use the buttons is when it's on your ear so Palm got that right too. Also worth noting is that all of the buttons are well placed and you can use them without having to look at the phone.

    Because it does not go in the ear, I just leave the volume cranked up and it's fine. This and the cheap feel in hand is the only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5. If I was rating the others I'd give the Jabra and the 640 1 star and the 320 2 stars. The Treo headset is better than the other 3 combined.

    Another brand headset might get a perfect review with a Samsung, LG or Motorola phone but it will suck with your Treo. If you have a Treo 700p, just get this and save yourself the headache of trying to make other brand headsets work consistently with a Treo.

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