I am getting pretty fed up with VZW's wireless sync answer. Please read to completion and you will see I have tried numerous workarounds and each one has its own problem.

Seems no matter how I slice it, wireless sync works unless you use outlook for your email (gee, who does this??).

My contacts and calendar entries all get pushed to my device. I have push times set to 0000-2359, so all day. Works. The small prob is that if my comp is off I get the SYNLOGC emails that everyone complains of. When I turn my laptop on and it pushes then I get duplicate emails galore (new or not) on my Treo and in my inbox on the VZW Wireless Sync site.

My solution? Kill wireless sync from checking my account and simply check my email via pop3. The problem I still have, even after compromising? At midnight, my emails collecting in the inbox on wireless sync (taken from my laptop during the day) all pile up in my inbox on the Treo.

Can I kill this inbox or does anyone have a solution for these other probs?

I appreciate your time in advance. I have done lots of searching to no avail thus far.