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    I had SBP backups set to go at 2am. Woke up the other day and the phone never reset...and the alarm didn't go off. Big snooze. Luckilly had a wake up call at the hotel.

    Anyone have instances of SBP getting hung up during it's routine? I've since done a hard reset and changed the automated backup to occur during normal waking hours.

    Also got a cool, MP3 Alarm clock for the PC called Easy MP3 Alarm Clock. . Free. Tried several others, but this is the only one that had a sensible interface, and worked reliably.

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    I had problems with the 6700 a spb backup not loading the fully loading the today screen after it would reset. this was only if it was charging. no problems though with the wx. are you running version 1.5?
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    SBP version 1.51 Build 2432. My snoozing happened once when I know the phone was plugged in. Interesting that there is an option to only backup if on AC power. I don't have it checked now....

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