Our family uses MSN Hotmail extensively for email and keeping a family calendar. It has proven to be the simplest, least expensive method because we can access it from anywhere including libraries, the kid's can get to it from school, etc.

I have a Dell laptop which runs Outlook which is mapped to my MSN hotmail account. I am looking to get the new Cingular Treo 750 and would really like to just synch directly from my MSN Hotmail account to the Treo (ie. not need to use the laptop and then synch from the laptop to the Treo). In reading all the literature I can find, it seems I can use Pocket MSN to synch my email but I cannot find anything about the calendar. I realize I can just connect to the Internet with the Treo, login to my hotmail account and then look at my calendar but my preference would be to have my MSN Hotmail calendar synch as well so I can just look at the calendar without having to connect everytime I want to check it.

Is this possible? Am I missing something? Is it possible that Pocket MSN will in fact synch the MSN Hotmail calendar as well as the email? Help!