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    Seattle has them now, at least the Pine street at Pacific Place mall. They got 6 in today. Probably have a few left, saw a couple others on the counter that looked "reserved"

    Sitting with my Verizon 700w and here are the comparisons on the 600k file at

    Verizon 700w - 636 kbit/sec, 0.895s latency, 8.387 d/l time
    Cingular 750 - 411 kbit/sec, 0.644s latency, 12.103s d/l time

    Not quite as fast as EV-DO, but I can handle that until the update comes out
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    I just got my treo 750 today I had to drive from South Bend. IN up to Kalamazoo, MI to get it but it was well worth, they told me on the phone it was $499.99 with a 2 year agreement what made it even better is that they gave it to me, with a new 2 year agreement for $299.99 out the door before the $100 mail in rebate how sweet is that. Talk about dumb irish luck. So far way better than the 700wx

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