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    I recently had to do a hard reset on my phone. When i went to restore my phone using sprite backup, i had to reinstall the sprite program on my phone (i did not originally put the sprite backup on my storage card). As a result i have backups in sprite 5.0 and the backup program in sprite 5.1. I can not restore my settings to my phone because the backup program says it doesnt recognize the backups.

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks that could help alleviate my dilemma.

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    I am aware of this issue as well. I suggest you contact Sprite Support to ask for the previous version of Sprite Backup to restore the image file. Normally they will respond to you within 24 hours

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    I take it you didn't save the original program installation file. I think this is the version you want.

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    you cannot cross restore Sprite version, so you need to install 5.0, restore the backup, uninstall 5.0 then install 5.1, then backup with 5.1

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