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    Wow, I was knocked out by the apple iPhone! I love my treo 750v, but I am going to dump it in June when the iPhone comes out.
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    It looks pretty spectacular. I just wonder what the battery life will be with so many functions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ian5 View Post
    Wow, I was knocked out by the apple iPhone! I love my treo 750v, but I am going to dump it in June when the iPhone comes out.

    More power to you and your decision. However, I would suggest if the iPhone is really what you want, then the 750v probably was never the right phone for you. The two devices serve COMPLETELY different markets (while both smartphones).

    For me the iPhone has the following negatives that make it a No Go:
    1. No ability to sync and update my business docs (Excel, Word, PPT, etc.)
    2. No syncing to my MS Exchange server for - Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Metting scheduling, etc.
    3. Low possibility of the multitude of 3rd party apps that are becoming more common to the WM Pocket PC platform
    4. No ability to use different memory cards (unlimited storage)
    5. no 3G - this is HUGE. The superior web browser on the iPhone is useless to me if I can only read web pages at EDGE speeds.

    I do love the multi-touch aspect of the interface and would love WM to incorporate this at some point. And it does look nice... but for a business user who needs business functionality... the iPhone doesn't even cut it.

    Just my $.02
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    I'm totally not a fan of touch-screens because it drastically slows you down on certain applications like remote controls and typing, but WOW, this phone is extremely cool. I just ordered my Treo 750, so I have to wait for 3G availability but we'll see how the reviews are when it gets in the hands of consumers. I'm a speed typist and feeling the keyboard is very critical to me, so I may not be a good candidate for the iPhone, but I am still drooling over it is beauty and innovation. I'm also a big fan of iPods; I thought they were stupid until I decided to buy one and compared to any other MP3 player there is not comparison, so I'm interested to see the new full-screen iPod
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    Im not impressed. LONG LIVE PALM!!!

    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Remember "He who hesitates is lost." Palm has very nearly commited suicide by dragging their feet for so long. The iPhone is what people have been begging Palm to make. Now Apple has even trumped "Hawkin's Double Secret Device"!
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    why the hell do you need external memory cards with 4g or 8g standard?? there are no cards bigger. and the way apple updates things, once you could have bigger memory cards, they will release the 12 g & 20 g iphone. I actually overlooked the no ms documents support. I would think they would add this later because this is pretty standard for any pda.
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    As a UK Mac user, I have been waiting over a year for Palm to update the T650. Now that the 750v has finally arrived in the UK, I was contemplating buying one, for the first time succumbing to the Windows hedgemony. It would have involved me in major add-on costs in terms of apps and MissingSynch. After an enthralling evening I think I'll hold out till the Autumn.

    I too work in a Windows corporate world. My Powerbook works fine alongside windows PCs and what with widgets & Unix, won't there be a host of add-ons to improve synching with Outlook in the same way that these exist for WM PDAs for the Mac?

    As usual, there are compromises to be made. EDGE doesn't appear to have made it in the UK, other than a few remotes sites. 3G would be good (coming soon?) but after reading up on all the 3G problems, Wi-fi and BT2.0 more than makes up for it (must have a2DP though). Does it have an IR port ?(Treo ones are pretty near useless anyway). In some ways I am pleased not to be shoved into Push email! A host of questions remain, but the take-up will be so HUGE that many aspects will get ironed out in due course. I wish I could say the same about Palm, which has been dieing in the UK over the past few years at the expense of the Blackberry.

    Apple haven't been perfect in addressing many of the technical shortcomings of their OS/hardware, expecially in more esoteric aspects.

    But, as the Palm employee states on another thread, Palm have been ten times worse IMHO.

    No more 750v (or p) for me. I'm waiting for my iPhone!
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    just switched to cingular and got a 680 to ebay when the iphone comes out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo View Post
    why the hell do you need external memory cards with 4g or 8g standard?? there are no cards bigger. and the way apple updates things, once you could have bigger memory cards, they will release the 12 g & 20 g iphone. I actually overlooked the no ms documents support. I would think they would add this later because this is pretty standard for any pda.
    The lack of external memory card slot means that I cannot utilize my 12 GB worth of memory cards. I travel ALOT and like that I can use multiple cards for various categories of music, software apps, etc. Think of it this way. iPod Nano's have 4GB of memory. Now, if you plan on using the iPhone as your MP3 player AND digital pictures AND videos AND web browser AND be able to run programs... how fast do you think you will run out of space? I wouldn't be able to fit 1/2 of my mp3 collection alone.

    Again, doesn't fit my needs. But probably fits the needs of those looking for a multimedia cell phone. I still don't see this impacting the enterprise business user market (the primary market currently purchasing "smartphones" and the majority of Palm Treo users).
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    I think as long as you are not a power user and enjoy flashy (in a positive sense!) stuff, it's a very good alternative.
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    I think the bottom line is we all will have to wait until they come out to know for sure if these are going to be the end all be all phone.

    Interestingly, I did not get the "This is for corporate America" sales pitch from Jobs today. It seemed more like this is targeted at an individual user rather than enterprise level customers. They mentioned Exchange support but i would be curious to see the caveats that come with that.

    Big downers for me:

    touch screen - I need/like the tactile response i get from my Treo keypad
    touch screen - bigger the touchscreen, bigger the smudge factor
    no buttons - how do you use it to hang up the phone when you can't "feel" for the key to turn it off like I do so often?
    security - what exactly is the security model for this going to be? Does it support remote wipe like BB & WM devices do? 4GB or 8GB is a lot of storage space to hold a lot of confidential information.

    At first glance there is no question this is a killer device in many regards. Certainly this will be a "V1" device and I fully expect Apple to address the lack of 3G at some point. I think the lack of 3G clearly shows this is a device aimed at a non corp market. A huge market and a huge win for Apple in the phone wars, but at this point I don't see this replacing my Treo!
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    Was gonna get a 750. What was I thinking? $649 for a warmed over 600. Should be on any day now. Palm did not listen to their customers so now their products are instantly obsolete. R.I.P.
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    Anyone else notice it's only an EDGE phone ala Treo 650/680? And that makes it a 'Breakthrough Internet Device'?? I think not! Zzzzzzzz....
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    It seems to me the iPhone is going to be a runaway success in the mass market. The question for those of us who frequent places like TC is going to be whether or not the software on the iPhone allows us to do what we do with our Treos. Given that it runs OSX, the possibility is definitely there for contact and datebook management equal to or better than what we are used to on a device. As for other third party products, it will remain to be seen as to what can be ported. Lastly, for business use; integration with Exchange and the real usefulness of the iPhone as an email device will have a lot to do with whether Apple can sell boatloads to the BB crowd.
    It's going to be interesting.
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    I don't know about you guys, but I don't know too many consumers who can afford a $500 or $600 phone WITH a 2 year contract!
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    WELL SAID!!!!!

    I know I cant afford to keep shelling out 4 and 5 hundred bucks per phone.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Palm is full of fools... there is NO ONE reporting on the 750 for Cingular. All coverage is on the iPhone.

    So even if the Palm 750 is way better, they totally f'd up.
    Whats new...

    iPhone, while doesnt do exactly what the treo can, is WAY cooler and WAY more advance. (IMO)

    You really think no one will come up with an app to open Word docs?? You can't be serious...

    And it COMES with WiFi. HELLO PALM.

    Nice try, sadly no one cares about your 750 except palm die hards....
    such a tragic waste.
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    I hate to Palm bash, but checkout Cingualr site the iphone isn't even out and cingy has it posted all over their site, while the 750 just got released and is not even advertised any where on their site. I had a 680 and returned it a week later after a second replacement, why, because it was a piece of cr_p, everything from software to hardware as junk, I was thinking of the 750 since the 750v has good feedback, but with the iphone on it's way, I have to wait. apple makes real quality products and they spend time and money on r&d. The proof is in the puttin just look at the ipod (super market share). I don't get how the guy's at Palm can f up a company which has so much potential for making awesome products
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    i was really impressed by the iPhone until i read this...

    its frickin sick.........but im still happy im pickin up my 750 tomorrow......
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