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    Seeing as there is no comment section on the review, I though I will make one to add some views.

    Firstly, a very nice, positive review, and the device sounds very attractive. I would certainly consider it as the next phone to get my wife (I prefer a bit more power). However I disagree with a few points.

    1) Regarding WIFI, Dieter said the Blackjack AND the Dash has poor battery life with WIFI, while the reports are that the Dash has pretty good battery life, despite having WIFI.
    2) Go to folders in Pocket Outlook is not part of Palm's secret sauce, but is present in all WM5 devices of the appropriate AKU.
    3) I disagree with the feature score of 5. The range of features a smartphone could have are pretty high these days, and the Treo 750 certainly does not top that list. Its not just WIFI, but things like GPS, good camera and FM radio, not to mention HSDPA. If fact, the Treo 750, despite being a nice and relatively small device, may have too few features to give to my wife, who currently uses the HP 6915, which has built-in GPS, and enjoys using it.

    Anyway, nice review, but I would have given the scores as:

    Usability -------- 4
    Features ------- 3
    Design --------- 4
    Cost/Benefit --- 4 (due to the price of good usability)

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    I am using the blackjack now and DOES NOT HAVE WIFI...I am not to sure how this one got started, but it does not have it.
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    The Samsung i600, the international version of the Blackjack, does have WIFI. Cingular dropped it for the usual reasons.

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    I have the Dash and it has wifi, battery life is very good. I had the Q and the battery life was pretty bad, but the Dash is very good. I leave on wifi, and bt all day and go all day into night before I have to charge it.

    I'm looking forward to trying out the 750, Palm sent me one for review (I haven't gotten it yet) and really want to compare it to my Dash.

    Palm would be smart to get in the market of making a thin, non-touchscreen phone like the Dash running Palm OS.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    no multi language support & not even on MS plan - won't work for me.
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    Quote Originally Posted by Playcentric View Post
    no multi language support & not even on MS plan - won't work for me.
    You seem to be able to write in English. Why can't you use a device that uses English?
    Atlas Just Shrugged!

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