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    Just went live about 2 min ago...FINALLY!
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    HOLLLLLY COW what just happened???? It is now gone off the site...I swear I saw it...i did i did.
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    Well it is on the Premier site right now.

    12:24am it is up online.

    I was waiting all along just like everyone else - but now I'm totally set with the Blackjack.

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    I see it on the cingular site under PDA's
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    It's there now.
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    Anyone having issues connecting to the internet on Cingular in last 10 minutes... all of a sudden I just can't get on...
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    SOOO weird.....Why do I not see it again???
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    ok I see it now
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    It's on the site today. I'll tell 'ya, it's a nice looking phone. If it only had WiFi and the current BT standard, I'd get that instead of the 8525.
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    Cingular reps are really pushing the PDA Connect Unlimited with the 750, a $40/month service.

    Since PDA Connect Unlimited does not include text messaging, add on another $5 there.

    Add on the 900 mintute voice plan at $60/month, and your looking at $105/month before taxes.

    Can anyone recommend a less expensive voice+data+text plan? Other threads speak of "Media Net" but this option does not exist for the 750... at least the reps are not offering the package directly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyking517 View Post
    Just went live about 2 min ago...FINALLY!
    So Sky... do you actually work in the Treo Store at the Airport? I never heard back from you.. I want to buy the phone but do not want to change my data plan... I have the medianet..
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    Damn, I went to the local Cingular store and they had 8 of them. Now the bad news, I missed my 30 day return by 2 days. Grrrr
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisLuce View Post
    Damn, I went to the local Cingular store and they had 8 of them. Now the bad news, I missed my 30 day return by 2 days. Grrrr
    What are your options then?
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    Nothing really, I am stuck with the 680. I was going to trade back in the 680 for the 750 and see if I liked it more then the 680 and if I didnt I would go back to the 680 again. As of right now, I guess I will stick with it.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Speak to them, tell them you were waiting for the 750 but the release was delayed, and you're only 2 days late. They will honor the return, I'm confident of that.

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