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    Has anyone heard any rumours when the Treo 750 will be available in European countries where Vodafone doesn't exist?

    I'm very happy with my TyTn (gave up on the 650 in October) but I prefer the Treo keyboard and I love threaded sms function in Treo.


    P.S. FYI I tried the Sony Ericsson P990i and hated it - it was so slow... Then I tried the Nokia E61 which I quite liked but I missed the touchscreen.
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    They exist !
    I have a nonVodaphone Treo 750v from Swiss provider Swisscom.
    Is has no Vodaphone logo on it on the front and only a very small
    Swisscom printed logo on the battery back. Came with MiniSD card that
    contains their apps. If you don't install them you wont have any branding
    or provider specific stuff. A clean Treo 750v.

    But unfortunately mine is in French language
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    Zut alors! I'm really sorry, but I think I'd rather wait for an "English speaking" phone - no offense! I read somewhere else that Palm US will start selling unbranded phones from 22 January. Hope that's true for Europe as well.


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