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    has anyone had any luck getting the 750 from the cingular store? i've called about a dozen stores and they all say they don't have it. don't know if they are just saying that or they don't have a clue, or they just didn't get the shippment in yet.
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    None of the local Cingular locations in Northern Ca have them (was to be expected - 680 all over again..... ) at this time. I am sure it is going to be a few weeks before we see them in the stores.

    I can't afford another expensive phone right now anyway. I would have to sell my 650 and the 680 in order to get them 750.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Made the switch on friday!! TREO 650 to TREO 750wm5 (cingular).....No problems as of yet.....Synced nicely with missing sync 3 on a mac. All my contacts, calendar events that were previously sync with my palm were transfered over w/o a problem!

    PS ...The Cingular store in Sherman Oaks, California was were i bought mine at on Friday night. They had a few in...
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    The stores out here STILL HAVE NO CLUE...Someone just told me that they were supposed to get them today and NOW not until the end of the MONTH...I swear this is SOOO frusterating
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    i called 2 stores in the Dallas TX area and they both had the 750 in stock to sell. Sorry, i have not purchased it yet
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    It seems like southern california and texas got the 750s first. I checked it out thiss weekend at my friend's store. I am going to be getting it but since I was just buying it outright without an upgrade, I can't get it yet.
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    none of the stores in kansas city seem to even know what i'm talking about. i just wanted to hold one.
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    i just picked one up from my local store. they said that the phones just arrived. i think they actually had no idea until the delivery came today.
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    What store in Philly?

    Thanks, I have someone who wants to "touch" one before buying.
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    Just picked up my 750 from the Cingular store in Santa Ana, CA:

    Cingular Wireless
    305 E 4th St
    Suite 104
    Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA

    They have 1 left in stock, so anyone in the area that wants it better hurry. All the stores I called around Irvine were sold out, or hadn't received any yet.

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    found one in the glendale/los angeles area, some were being held. didn't even have them on display yet. they had just been received.

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    I bought my 750 from a Cingular store in Sugar Land, Texas (suburban Houston) yesterday afternoon. They told me that they have had them in stock since Friday.
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    I have a friend who manages a Cingy owned store and she has the trackingnumber from UPS and said they are coming in tomorrow around ~2PM. She stated they are getting 2 units of which she is holding one for me. She is in the Ft. Myers Florida area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eimajuno View Post
    It seems like southern california and texas got the 750s first.
    Walnut Creek, CA is no NORTHERN CA :-)
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    See the change on the PALM site??

    Available late
    January 2007
    at and
    Palm Retail Stores.
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    got mine 3 hours ago in the Balitmore area... they had 3 or 4 more when I left... love it so far... good luck in your searches -
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    That date was there since yesterday afternoon when I looked at it at 6:30PM Pacific.

    Anyone checked out the airport locations listed on the Palm site?
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    And it begins all over again! Feeding fone frenzy lol!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisLuce View Post
    None of the local Cingular locations in Northern Ca have them
    I know of at least one store in NorCal (San Francisco to be precise) that has two, one of which is reserved w/ my name on it
    Off to iPhone land...
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    Snagged one today in SLC!!!
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