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    Quote Originally Posted by dling71 View Post
    Snagged one today in SLC!!!
    Main Phone: Treo 270/600/650/700w/700p/750v/Motorola Q/iPhone
    Tried but sold: Motorola Q/Nokia E61/700wx/HTC TyTN/Treo 680
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcaslis View Post
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Flew into LA from SLC today and started to call all the stores and found one in Maywood. Have is now!! So far the only disappointment is the speakerphone. Took a call on the way back to the hotel and at half volume the speakerphone was crackling.
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    Santa Monica. I think more there.
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    Got mine in San Antonio today. Got my AT&T employee discount and just bought it outright with no contract extension
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghileman View Post
    I know of at least one store in NorCal (San Francisco to be precise) that has two, one of which is reserved w/ my name on it
    I've held the last one they received in Walnut Creek (Broadway Ave. store).
    Another poster reported Cingular store @ Kiely & El Camino (Santa Clara).
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    I got mine at the sherman oaks, CA. store today. This thing is sooo much better then my 650!
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    Atlanta - home town to Cingular and no phones. I am hearing probably today (Tuesday). My Cingular contact told me Albany, Ga and Savannah, Ga got phones today.
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    My friend here in socal went to his store to get it, but the sales refused to sell it to him w/ his usps employee discount. He kept asking him to pay full or upgrade or get new activation... is the sales allowed to do that? My friend is really pissed now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgk3 View Post

    What store in Philly?

    Thanks, I have someone who wants to "touch" one before buying.

    Philadelphia, PA 19148

    I think the stores in or near center city go their shippments in the earliest. I didn't mind a 20 minute drive down 95.
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    Any word about Cingular retail in Chicago with the 750? 2 of 3 stores are quoting "end of January."
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    Citrus Heights, CA 95610
    (916) 965-8912

    This store has 8 of them.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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