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    I have a new Treo 700wx, as my earlier one was replaced by Sprint after the death of its Bluetooth radio. I was able to use the new phone to load email settings and use the internet... for about one day. I received a message to the effect that my phone needed to be "provisioned for vision services" and I agreed. I then got an error message that the process was unsuccessful. Since then, I have not been able to access the internet or email. The phone functions are working fine. Data functions are dead, dead, dead. After literally hours of hold time and less than helpful Sprint service people, I am seeking help here. Any ideas? I have reset my modem without success, done both hard and soft resets. Thanks!!! Gary
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    dial ##3282# and update the profile again maybe this will work this time if not you will need to call care so they can reprovision the services.
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    You are my hero for the day. I spent at least 3 hours either on hold or dealing with less than stellar people on the "care" phone lines. No one had me enter this string. Your suggestion has me back up and on line. Thanks ever so much! Gary
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    Glad to help
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    the quality of sprint's tech support varies greatly. I had a terrible time getting phone as modem working on my phone and must have been told to enter every single ## command in the book over multiple calls.

    the challenge is getting a well qualified support person on the phone as soon as possible. even if you get a tech person on the line, it is a crap shoot whether they will know how to solve your problem.

    If only there was a 24hr response line that converted your questions into posts on this site and read back the answers
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    I agree that the expertise of participants on this forum exceeds any help I have received from Sprint. Not to mention not having to negociate multiple people, spend unbelievable time on hold listening to the mind numbing song play over and over, and listen to how important Sprint tells you our call is... Last night they put me on hold for advanced tech support... forever. The center closed and I would have still been on terminal hold until this morning if I didn't hang up after letting it cycle for well over an hour. I just put the phone on speaker and did other work... It would be nice if we could charge them for our time wasted by their less than stellar service.

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