I used to use activesync to sync my contacts with my treo because I like the format that outlook gives you. After a few months of Activesync not working, i have decided to give up and use wireless sync. My question is about the setup that wireless sync gives you to add a contact. I would like to view the contacts by the company name and when I select it I would like to see the person's name and their title as well as their assistant's name, e-mail address and phone #. Wireless sync gives a spot for assistant, but not their email and phone #. Is there a way to choose a new setup for wireless sync to input the info into the phone? If not, is there a better synching program? I would like to be able to view the contacts by company name and when I click on the company, I would lie to see this:

Mike Smith
Account Executive
XYZ Corporation
Call Mobile
Send Text Message
Send E-Mail
Send E-Mail 2
Call Jane Doe

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much