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    Hi guys and gals...

    I really enjoy the site. I've had my Treo 700w through VZW since April '06 and thoroughly enjoy it. I look forward to learning more through your posts and unlock the true potential of this phone.

    Anyhow, I recently had a replacement 700w sent to me due to small accident with my original phone. I have no complaints thus far but I notice that whenever I switch between tasks and pull up PIE, it seems like it closes out b/c it always loads up to my home page. This is pretty annoying since I never had to deal with this before. Usually, on my original phone, I would be able to multitask and return to PIE at the exact page where i left it. Seems like everytime i go back to PIE now, it loads up a new page. Any thoughts?

    I did a hard reset but to no avail. I don't believe it to be an program memory availability issue as I'm always hovering around 6 or 7 MB free while running Hotmail, Pictures and Vids, Windows Media and IE. I've tried to go through all the menus to see if there is something i can alter in the options. Any advice is appreciated. TIA!

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    i believe there is an option to "display last page viewed" in your internet preferences. I know there is an option for the PALM OS. In that sense, if you moved to another program, the last page is saved and readily available to view once u go back to PIE.

    I would look into that first.
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    It is either the program memory issue, or you have a 3rd party "X to close" program on your device and your PIE is closing. If PIE stayed open, this certainly wouldn't happen.

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