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    i dont know if this is just my area, the app or what but i send text messages and ill end up calling these people later they just dont get my texts, or theyll get a few n well talk back n fourth but hten they dont certain ones....anyone else havin this issue?
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    Yes, seems Sprint is doing something to the network. My texts weren't going out for a while either.
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    one issue I have noticed with the sms threader -- palm sms threaded text -- is that if you have numbers in your contacts which do not have area codes infront, the text messages have problems sending.

    I went through my contacts and made sure all were in the same format -- this problem only occured when sending to other sprint palm treo 700wx users who had sms threaded as well.

    It never was affecting non sprint users and sprint users who did not have the 700wx with sms threaded. Strictly those who had sms threading.
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    Still not working...even after installing the patch?

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