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    Long story...

    I have an IMAP e-mail account on my Treo 700WX that I have through Sprint. The e-mail comes thru

    On Tuesday 1/2, I had an e-mail conversation with a friend about 100 e-mails back and forth. I deleted them from my Treo. I delete them while I am talking in batches of about 20. Sometimes I use the "Clear Account" feature as well. I also use the "Empty Deleted Folder" option if I see that they are still sitting in there. I assumed all of this was working. When I logged into my e-mail account on my pc that evening, it was empty (as it should have been).

    On Thursday 1/4, I had an SMS conversation with ANOTHER friend. I got tired of typing so we stopped texting and got on the landline phone. As we were talking on the phone, I heard his cell beeping like crazy. What he was receiving on his phone was about 20-25 of the e-mails that I had sent two days prior to the OTHER person.

    I promptly called Sprint, had my text shut down, wiped my phone to factory condition, went home and did the same to my pc in the event that there was some sort of worm or virus. I deleted the mail account as well.

    Sprint says it is not their fault and so does

    I tend to believe that is blameless because when I looked at my folders that evening on the pc, they were empty. As well, this second conversation that I had was thru SMS and this second person was NOT listed in my address book.

    So my question is, and I hope we have some real techie gurus on here. When I hit SEND on an e-mail, where does it go? Thru what servers? And when I hit delete what happens? Does the e-mail still remain somewhere on the Treo or Sprint servers or what?

    I am extremely concerned about this incident. I still have not turned on my SMS again and I am hesitant to use the e-mail as well. I NEVER EVER EVER had this occur in my many years of messaging with my Blackberry and I am tempted to run back.

    PLEEEEEEEAAASSSSSEEEE help me with this if you can.
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    BTW - It is OK if you do not have THE SOLUTION but if you know ANYTHING about the process, please toss it out there and maybe we can start putting some bits and pieces together. The second party was a CO-WORKER who now knows a whole lot more about me than he needs to know. I would HATE for this to happen to any of YOU.

    Lastly, I forgot to mention I do not hand-type all of my e-mail. I type most of them on the keyboard but the keyboard is smaller than the one on the Bberry and I find it easier to write sometimes. I use a program from Phatware called Calligrapher 8.4 which allows me to write cursive on the touch screen and it turns it into text (quite well, I might add). I doubt if it has anything to do with it but who knows?
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    OK - I figured this out. It COULD happen to someone else but I got no replies so I'm not I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :-)
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    Nevermind. Should've stated: Are you serious?

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