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    After searching threads, I have found no reference to this info, so here goes:

    I've got a Treo 700wx that I'm trying to get to receive emails pushed from my SBS Server 2003 running Exchange Server 2003 SP2. In the microsoft guidelines for deployment of Mobile 5.0 devices using Exchange 2003, ( they have a section called "Configuring the Firewall". I have a Sonicwall TZ170 hardware appliance, so it looks as if I have to go through the configure firewall manually procedure. Anyone here familiar with what it takes to do this? I've logged onto the firewall and searched around for a page where I could change a setting such as this and had no luck.

    2nd question: Does the fact that I use a VPN to access the server remotely create any problems for me in accessing email through my Treo?

    I'm just an ignorant business owner trying to be an IT guy. I've got some professional help, (technological, not psychological), coming tomorrow, but figured I'd try to beat them to it. Thanks!
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    It's been awhile since I've been on a Sonicwall, so can't point you to exactly where in their interface. But - if you are going to use a secure (SSL) connection for your Treo, you should just need to open Port 443 and 'forward' it to your SBS server. Your IT help tomorrow should know how to do that very quickly. That does also require an SSL certificate for the Exchange server - either a self-issued one (usually more problematic) or a purchased one (circa $20 from Godaddy).

    You may have already done some of those things, or I may have just made the issue harder for you - but hope this is of some help ...
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    Just as a follow up for anyone interested. My Treo is still not syncing with the server, nor is email being pushed to the device. My "technological help" has spent about 8 hours on it so far, over two days, but still can't get it to work. He's supposed to bring his boss with him tomorrow, but my fear is that the Treo will kick both their a**es at the same time. It seems to me that it just shouldn't be this hard!
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    I think the key here is that you said you used a "VPN" to connect to your server. My 700wx should be in tommorow, so I am not an expert on it but in order to use mobile sync (push) you need to have your OWA server on the internet, not behind a VPN. I am going to have the same problem, our OWA server can only be accessed through our web VPN which requires an additional login. If your OWA server is on your local network you do not want to open a port to it, it at least needs to be on a front-end exchange server in your DMZ. You IT guy should be able to explain this in non-tech talk.


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