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    Hi All - Have tried to get HSDPA now on 2 different Cingular 750s using the following directions that worked for others:

    First, go to a German site called fit4communication anytime at Down load a program called "fit4cat Hermes Tweaker" (Windows loader version is what I used). Unzip the file and install it to your Treo 750v.

    Second, go to XDA Developers at and download Unzip the file and copy to the mobile device windows directory.

    Third, on your Treo 750v start the "fit4cat" program. Scroll done and click the phone tab, select "enable" for HSDPA. Click "File" option on the bottom of the screen, selecting the save before exit option.

    The Treo 750v will do a soft reboot.

    Have the SetHSDPA.exe shortcut in /windows/startup, installed the program and have the SetHSDPA.exe in /windows. Program says 'enabled' but no love in North Dallas.

    Anyone else in Dallas area having luck? Doing anything different - ie using something other than MediaNet proxy for the web? Thanks

    Jer 23:29
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    what are the speeds you are getting?
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    Speeds are anywhere from 291 - 355 kbits/sec. Nowhere near HSDPA speeds.

    Dallas network was supposed to be live last year. Either the network is not live, or my 2 750s for some reason can't get it.
    Jer 23:29
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    have you tried going to another part of the city to try it, there are holes to networks all over the place
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    I remember hearing a while ago that people were having trouble in that area. Just FYI you do not need the tweaker program. I never installed it, just the 2 files IN THE PROPER FOLDERS, and it works. Make sure you use those 2 exact files, don't create the shorcut yourself. Good luck, can any other Cingular ROM users verify they are getting hsdpa with the hack?
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    Thanks! I had only copied the SetHSDPA.exe file over and made my own shortcut. For whatever reason, when I used the *original* two files, including the shortcut provided, it worked!

    Now getting anywhere from 893 - 978 kbits/sec in Allen (north Dallas).
    Jer 23:29
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    The second link is not working Where did it go???

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