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    this was weird i just had a call come in it showed number said unknown caller....the person hung up i went back in call log to call back and it jus said unknown without a that a glitch how come the caller ID showed a number but now in call log it wont show....does this mean they called block but it showed it by accident or is there a problem
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    yes i have had that happened to me on occasion. once it was with this really hot girl and i thought i was gonna get some tail but...
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    all my "unknown calls" show a number. and then after the call is finished i have the option to add to my contacts. even if i do nothing with the option to add to my contacts the number is allways in my call log. remember the difference from the green key press and the call log.
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    This has happened to me before as well. Or call waiting will ring in with the number/name of the person I'm already talking to. These only happen occasionally though.
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    Bill collectors!!!
    Don't Answer!!!

    I called Sprint when it happend to me.They said it was network upgrade.

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