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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the treo world, so i hope my questions aren't too noobie-ish. I got my 700wx a few weeks back and haven't been very impressed with the phone functionality. Here are my 2 main issues:
    1. When the phone rings (i like using vibrate) and i answer, the vibrate goes one more time after the call is answered, and the caller is deafened by the LOUD vibrate sound.
    2. General slowness. Using the internet etc. isnt' bad, its mainly slowness when trying to use the calling functionalities.

    Anybody experience these same things? I havent' really installed anything extra on here except PDANet. I use the today screen.

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    Windows Mobile needs alot of add on software that will enhance it's functionality. Scroll down and look for a thread "Must haves" and it will give you alot of tweaks you can use.
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    My issue isn't really functionality, its more slowness and "glitches" such as the phone vibrate after the call is already answered. i did a search for this but couldn't seem to find anything. do you think i have a defective unit? Thanks!
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    first make sure you have a task manager. this will keep unwanted programs from running and make your phone more responsive.

    second. i dont know for sure but i think active sync has something to do with the phone ringing to long. try the activesync trick. here is a link on the activesync thing.
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    I know what he's talking about.. my second 700wx had the same problem, but since I traded it for the third, (and now waiting for my fourth) I wasn't worried about it.

    The phone would ring, I would answer it.. but it would load the call in progress screen very very slowly. I could hear the person on the other end, but they were covered up by yet another ring which came through the headset.

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    rubinox, did that problem automatically fix itself when you got a new handset? or does it still happen but you just deal with it? why have you been getting so many new handsets? THanks!!!
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    Yeah, the problem did only occur on one of my handsets... But I think it may have been because I'd nearly filled up the internal memory with programs (just trying everything out without uninstalling anything). That might have been it, but I think i did the same thing on a different treo without the problem :S hope that helps..

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    700wx #3 - dropped it.. apparently that broke the keyboard, and a few of the keys stopped working.
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    i have the same problem, its a pain because the person i pick up is freaked out from the buzzing sound. it happens time to time. like if i wait a while to pick up it doesn't have a problem. gonna try a hard reset to fix the problem. i also have the bluetooth problem where bluetooth won't even start up. i think the phone needs to be replaced. id hate to get a new phone, i have a skin installed.

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