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    Im having some problems with sling The buffer was way off only getting 120kbs with random spikes to 220KBS then drops to 80
    I uninstalled then reinstalled getting same results.
    One again I removed from my WX then used my reg edit to see what the heck was leftover that could cause this.
    I came across a empty sling folder,under that is a file called (SyChip-AdapterName PegasSDN1)Does anyone know if this file is related to sling app and if so can i deleat for fresh install.

    Thanks in advance
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    Was that file the cause of the slowdown?
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    with a username like slingbox... you should be giving sling answers not asking sling questions. lol. jk

    what exactly was your problems? what was the fix. let us know. i thinking .94 runs better than .95 as well. altho i am still running .95
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    My opnion-Slingbox opnion 95 seems to run smoother.I deleated PegasSDN1 with no improvement.Did the reset on box and firewall block accured hmmm it,s the linksys router.

    Update-Reconfigured router with Vaio and Sling AV WOW!!!!.Outstanding 500 to 550 KBPS is now had wx style
    My firewall setting has limited true preforamce it seems.
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