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    I just received my Treo 700WX and noticed that the procedure to put insurance on the phone was different. When I got my Treo 650 in 2005, I had to call and get a call back from the insurance company. Now I just had to call and the CSR just put it on. I checked my Sprint account online and it was on.
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    yep, that easy. what people should remember is that this must be done on a new phone with in 30 days from purchase. you can do it in the store or phone cs. *2
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    Is that change recent? I had to pass the test call when I got my phone about 4 months ago.

    (BTW today I just received a letter from Sprint saying my insurance is gonna increase by $1 to $7/month. )
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    I signed up with Sprint in March 2006 and the CSR added it oover the phone.
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