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    With all the negative threads lately, I figured I throw a "just-for-kicks" one out there for some discussion. Do you use it?

    I used it when I first bought the device. Then I turned it off and thought it made the screen clearer. A few weeks ago I turned it on again and have been using it since. It definitely takes away from the crispness of the fonts, but I guess its aesthetically more pleasing. Post your opinions here!
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    I don't use it. To me it makes text look fuzzy.
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    I don't use it either. I think it makes the fonts look blury. I like the nice crisp fonts. I don't no why thay call it clear type. it should be called blury type. lol
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    The true magic of ClearType happens when you try to read a webpage in opera mobile at 75% zoom, fonts are actually readable, not possible without ClearType.
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    Yeah, I've never understood cleartype..things look fuzzy, gives me a headache (not really).

    I don't use in Windows XP either, I just don't get it..
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    I prefer cleartype and it appears that most people answering this poll do also.
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    Love cleartype - that, along with making the fonts one tick smaller, makes the overall experience of the device MUCH better, to me. Love it.
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    I just got my Treo 700WX and tried ClearType, but the text in the settings menu seemed fuzzy. I'll try using it with different programs and see how I like it.
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    I like how sharp it is without cleartype, but I also dislike how "cheap" the fonts look without it. I feel like I am looking at an old calculator or a dos window on my computer with it off because the fonts look so blocky.

    I wish the truetype had an adjustment tool like it does on Windows XP.
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    What Stroth's said.

    dunno if this does anyting? Probably not.

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    Does anyone have the link to the newest version of cleartype that everyone is using? All ive found is version 1.0 for the pocket pc 2002.
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    I keep trying it thinking it's going to make things somehow better, but I hate it on the small screen. On a large monitor, there's no beating it. But for some reason, it's painful on the Treo's screen.

    That being said, I'm curious to see what Mal's reference does for me...
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    When I first switched it on, I too thought it was fuzzy. However, I got used to it pretty quick and definitely like the look of the fonts more.

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