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    I have done this mod and I would also like to know if there is a way to make the default view of the month by using the shortcut on my today screen.
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    Thanks it next question, is it possible to use the navigation key e.g. UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT to scroll thru the days in the month view then press the center key to go into the day instead of having to physically pressing the screen ?
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    My biggest question would be: Would this change the view of the today plugin to show more days?
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    For all those that want your Calendar today plugin to use the info you just changed, remove it from you today screen and readd it. It worked for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    Yes. This will change the view to month when you select Calendar from the start menu.

    You got it.

    The "?outres.dll,-10002" part chooses the icon to display for the shortcut.
    This worked great for me, but I mistakenly changed the target of my Calculator instead of the Calendar. Can you or anyone else, give me the target for the I have two calendars now and no calculator!
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    The target for calculator.lnk is
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    Found a link to this thread from another thread. Having some trouble getting the information to work. Tried File Explorer. Found the Start Menu folder and all of the associated icons. Tap and hold on Calendar.lnk but the menu that came up did not offer any options that would permit editing the shortcut. Downloaded Resco (in trial version mode right now). Found the Start Menu folder but the only shortcut showing is to Google Maps. Went through all of the options on the menu but couldn't find anything that would allow the rest of the shortcuts to show. Even tried syncing and using the Explore button in Active Sync. Was able to find the Start Menu and the Calendar.lnk but the Shortcut tab in Properties did not offer the option of changing the shortcut.

    Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.


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    I'm glad someone else posted it first. I have the exact same question.
    I went into "File Explorer", navigated to Windows/Start Menu, located the Calendar.lnk, held the stylus on it and the menu that opened had: Cut, Copy Rename, Delete, Send via E-mail and Beam File only. I do not have an Open with note option or any properties. I then tried to just Hilight the calendar/lnk and click the soft key for Menu and that doesn't have open with or properties either. Is there a trick? Are you people that have the open with note or options menu items doing something differently?
    How can I edit my shortcut other than th way mentioned and without installing Resco?

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