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    Howdy! I am interested in going to push email, but I HAVE to keep usb or bluetooth sync with my machines rather than having mail2web or
    4smartphone handle the sync of contacts and calendar. I spoke with someone at 4smartphone a few months back and he told me that once you go to an exchange type service, then you MUST wireless sync those items also or not sync them at all. Do you guys have a solution for this?
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    I'm not for sure I know what you want.

    Here's my info. I'm using 4smartphone's professional plan (I believe it is the middle priced plan) (the one that allows you to use desktop Outlook.)

    It syncs all of my contacts, mail, calendar and to-do items with my home desktop, work desktop, work laptop, and treo 700w....flawlessly and seamlessly. I love it.

    I also sync my 700w with my laptop via bluetooth to keep my flexwallet files, my notes and other internet favorites sync'd.

    I also sync via usb to both my desktops to add programs and sync notes and favorites as well. (Although I must delete one partnership before establishing another, as WM5 only allows 2 computer partnerships. but I manage.

    Does that answer your question?
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    You can do both, or either.

    You can sync contacts with exchange or you can select not to. Same for PC. I have no idea what the guy from 4smartphone was talking about....
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    you can with 4smartphone forsure, sync which ever you want how ever you want. for example... you could sync email by push (exchange). sync calendar, and contacts for your work computer, and tasks from your home computer.

    you can have two computers and one exchange. the calendar, contacts, email, task, and only be sync in one manner. the favorites and maybe the files can be sync with both computers.
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    Thanks guys. Ended up corresponding with 4smartphone and all I can say is WHY DOESNT EVERYONE USE THIS!!!!!!!! I am now of the opinion that if you send more than 10 emails per day to/from treo, you NEED this! Very happy customer so far. Battery lasts longer than pop and speed/stability is unbelievable. Thanks for all the posts on this wonderful product. 4smartphone ROCKS!
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    I agree. one app I get my moneys worth. glad to here another happy customer.

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