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    Unfortunately my treoantenna fell apart when installing it, so I won't be able to provide any pictures to this thread for the time being (other than that of the broken antenna, should someone like to see it).

    I'll post my results if/when I get the replacement
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    Fell apart

    How and Why
    What happend
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    Fell apart

    How and Why
    What happend
    Not too sure why it happened. I pulled out the old antenna, stuck the new one on, and right as I was about to screw it in, the cap just fell off. The remnants of the glue looked a bit odd, like it wasn't applied properly. But it could have been damaged in shipping (it was put in a very lightly padded envelope--not really that protective).
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    kaiguy, did you try to fix it? Zoti has posted instructions at
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    No, I didn't even consider fixing it. I guess I'll give that a shot.

    Kind of disappointing though that it even requires a "fix".
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    Sorry about that kaiguy. Try the fix and if you are not happy then contact me for a replacement.

    Unfortunately, even though I test each antenna before shipping some are still defective.
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    Sent you an email through your website. I ordered the gray model and it doesnt match the color on my phone, 700W. Also, the reception degraded by about 30%. I would like to exchange the one I have for a blue one and hopefully the reception will be better as well. I know color has nothing to do with it but the one I have may be defective.

    For the few minutes I had it on the phone, it looked great, fit great and will be a welcome addition! The one downfall was that while trying to carefully remove the tiny warranty sticker, it crumbled to pieces. Im not worried as I am very careful with it and have had no issues to date.

    Please let me know what you need me to do about the exchange. Thanks.

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    I don't think the new one will help if your reception is down by that much. I suggest you to PM him for new color anyways.
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    On the Sprint 700wx, here's how to test your rssi (reception)

    Dial #*#33284

    There you go

    Meaningless, but I am getting anywhere from -83 to -88 with 2 bars on my treo 700wx with stock antenna. Sometimes in my same room the reception is showing a full four bars. So I'm not sure what's going on.

    Afterwards with the new short antenna, my reception is now -anywhere from -79 to -89 in the exact same place.

    Seems about the same to me and on the whole, the RSSI numbers appear to be a hair lower. If lower is truly better, then there is definitely no drop-off.

    I have yet to test real-world performance but man I think that short antenna adds loads of style and is more pocket friendly.
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    Well, I have a dub-ya (no X). Is it the same # or what. I would like to get real numbers opposed to looking at the stupid bars.

    Ok, so theres another idea for a reg hack, instead of putting ***** bars up top, give me a real number. How 'bout that?? Hannip and all the other super (duper) users, meant with the utmost respect, may want to look into that one. Im sure others would dig it.

    As far as contacting Zoti, Im 2 for 3 right now, email through his site, the message above and I will soon send a PM for the trifecta.

    I have every intention of using the antenna, but would like the correct color. Im into the looks as well as the functionality. Cant have a dumb looking Treo!!
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    Hello All...

    I got mine last nite for my 700wx... Snug fit and no gaps what so ever. Signal so far hasnt played a factor. I usually get bad reception at home and im still able to send text and browse web at 1x like before.

    Having shorter antenna does feel nice otherwise. Especially having inside pocket.
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    I got mine a few days ago. Quality and fit are excellent. The "blue" version matches my Sprint 700wx very nicely, but it's not blue. There are lots of pictures on the web site here:

    It's only been a few days now so I don't have much experience with signal strength in different locations, but I always had 2 bars at my home/office with the original antenna, and I have 2 bars now with this shorty. I'm in an EVDO area and bandwidth seem the same as before.
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    Ordered mine yesterday...I'm excited! :P
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    So far so good.. I have yet to see one complaint with new antenna
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    I personally received the GadgetPlus version earlier today. Easy install and looks sharp. I lost a bar of service, but reception overall remains very good, even indoors.

    There is a definite difference between the two versions, so do your homework. The GadgetPlus version sits almost flush with the hard plastic molded body (i.e. it sits inside the hole) while the other version is a cap. I chose the former because I wanted to minimize the visibility of the antenna as much as possible, so I didn't want to have a cap on top of the body's molded plastic piece, if that makes sense.
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    I finally got and installed the replacement for the broken treoantenna. Surprisingly I don't see a noticable difference in reception. I don't have a strong signal in my house, but I'm still able to get good EVDO speeds. The antenna fits great and is for the most part flush. Blue color is a spot-on match for the wx.

    It's going to take some getting used to since I used to pull my Treo out of my jeans pocket using the antenna. Can't do that anymore

    Zoti (I think it was Zoti) sent me out a replacement free of charge (possibly two--the first one never arrived). I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to lose their big antenna.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    Gray, to me, did not look right on the 700wx.
    As the owner of a gray zoti antenna, I agree
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    The blue actually seems to be a charcol gray. Got mine the other day, for a 700W, and it looks and works great! I look at people with the tall antenna and laugh!!

    Thanks Zoti!!
  19. #39 rocks! Mine came yesterday. I installed it easily in minutes. Reception is the same (and actually better in my office). Its great.

    Thank you, Zoti!
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    I will try to update the website with some color recommendations soon (as soon as I have some time).
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