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    I have had my 700wx for a month now and love it. I have a question about pocketplus and the today screen. Is there a way to make the icons for the program bigger? Like for instance the battery meter? I couldn't find anything searching the forums. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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    take your stylus and tap and hold the icon you want to change. this should allow you to choose large or small icons.

    now I know this works with most icons, but I don't know about the battery, memory, screen brightness, and storage. these are a little different. you will get these icons to change when you select a different spb theme. once you find a theme with the icons you like, go to your spb/options/today plugin/ and choose "allways use icons from xxx theme". now the icons for these four will always stay the same and you can now choose a theme that you like based on color and not icons.

    hope this makes some since.
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    Thanks alot Cody. That works great. I am fairly new to the program so your help is greatly appreciated.

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