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    you have to get through it via a corporate email that the Premier site recognizes
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    What's the ETF on accounts opened on Premier? Since I have a SIM card from work I'll be closing any other account probably within 60 days.
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    Edited the first post with a new INTERNAL presentation about the 750 and 680...
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    Don't know about anyone else, but I am going absolutely NUTS! I will be useless until Monday... and then after that since I am ordering this through Premier and will have to wait for it to be shipped... First time ordering through Premier... do they have overnight shipping?

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    yea, they have overnight shipping for $15
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    How much do you think it will sell unlocked if Palm sells it online or in its stores?
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    So I just left my local cing store and the store manager confirmed the 8th as the official release... However.... I was told that the device only launches on that date and the the units would not arrive from anywhere between 1-14 days of that date.

    The rep told me if the device would be for sale on the 8th they would have them already which they did not aside from a dummy device.

    Ahh well.. whats a few more days

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    OH NO, the whole 680 Pre Order issue strikes again. What a Nightmare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenada View Post
    How much do you think it will sell unlocked if Palm sells it online or in its stores?
    My guess is $649.
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    What is the over/unders betting line for when Palm will release an unlocked unbranded 750?

    I'm on Tmobile with a 650 and approaching the end of a contact. I'm thinking of a 750 on Tmobile or maybe a 700wx on Sprint.
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    I just spoke to my Cingular rep. He confirmed the Jan. 8 date. He is waiting to get final price points, and is going to hand deliver my 750 on Tuesday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by daytontp View Post
    One of the web links in the presentation does not work yet.
    I just tried the link and it now works!
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    Well, come Cingular stores have them. I just purchased mine a couple hours ago at the Cingular Store in Walnut Creek, California. All I can say is "WOW!"
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    OHHH SUGAR SUGAR.......Now if I can just get my hands on one!
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    I called every store here in Orlando...Some people told me it wont be out until Febuary...I just laughed and said THANKS!
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    MONDAY will be the day for me...Just spoke to my sales guy and he said they are getting 3 on Monday and he will hold one for me WOOOOHOOOO finally I can stick with ONE phone for a while
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    I have been waiting for a WM5 since LAST January with VZW's 700w. I didn't get that one because I knew it was crippled with the lack of RAM. By the time the 700wx came out, the 750 was being released on Vodafone so I waited, and I didn't want to pay the 700-800 prices for a voda version. Now finally we have the Cingular Treo 750 coming on MONDAY!!!!!!
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    My Cingular rep, (who has the 750 in stock) says the 750 is not 3G capable. What gives?
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    Your cingular rep is on crack. 750 is 3G
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    Your cingular rep is on crack. 750 is 3G
    i thought it wouldn't be 3g until the soon to be released update.
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