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    Often times I use my sprint treo 700wx for making phone calls. Strange, right?

    My today screen is filled with a dozen speed dials, and I could use another dozen. Is there a software package that will allow me to have multiple tabs for speed dials on the home page? Ideally, I would be able to press spacebar and choose from multiple phone numbers per contact as well.

    I have searched high and low for this, and while there are great programs for organizing weather, applications and calender - I would really like to make my phone as easy to use as possible.

    And yes, I know I can type in the name of the person, or filter. What I am looking for is easy one click access (or 2 with tabs) to my most important contacts.

    If anyone can show me the way, i would appreciate any leads!

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    Take a look at iLauncher. It will let you create multiple tabs and shortcuts as speed dials.
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    also keep in mind that on the W or WX, pressing and holding the Center 5-way nav lets you select from your multiple numbers for a contact (you'd mentioned space bar, which is how it works on Palm OS - on the WM treo, it's press and hold the center 5-way).

    One other thing to think about, in terms of saving space on the Today screen with speed dials, is that if you'll use pictures (or any image) for your contacts, those pictures or images will all sit across the top of the screen, in one big long row, and you can scroll to the right (up to 60 I think, is what I've tested in the past) and just keep on scrolling to the right.

    That way, you just give up that top row for picture speed dials, and you can have as many as 60 speed dial images up there, and just scroll over to the right and you can keep scrolling. That can save you some major space on the Today screen. Of course, you'll have to come up with some image that you can keep assigning to your contacts to be able to use an image in their speed dial setup.

    Good luck.
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    The iLauncher website is not clear at all if this will work on the Treo 700wx. They say "Create speed-dial shortcuts to initiate phone calls to your
    selected contacts on phone edition devices"

    I thought that the Treo 700wx is NOT a phone edition device, but a PPC 2003 device.

    Has anyone used iLauncher for speed-dial shortcuts? How does it work?

    I also noticed a link to Vijay's phone tools which may be another way to do this, but it seems quite intensive a process that requires:
    File Explorrer - gsfinder+ or Resco
    Plug in to launch shortcuts - claunch or Resco

    Here is the link to that tool:

    I was hoping for something a little easier.
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    The OS is wm5 PPC PHONE EDITION, so it will work
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    I am trying to use the iLauncher software for speed dials.

    It appears to work in that I can create tabs and put in a whole bunch of speed dials. This is great.

    The issue I am running into is that the functionality to hold down the center button in the 5-way navigation and see other phone numbers for the contact I added does not seem to work.

    Has anyone found a solution in iLauncher or anything else that actually makes this work?


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