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    I am using pmClean and I notice that my Notification count keeps rising but I can't find a way to clear this out. It is at 47 now and I am concerned that it could pose a problem down the road. I attempted to use scarybear software clear Notify that was supposed to clear Notifications upon a soft restart but that didn't work. Any idea's?
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    MemMaid allows you to delete notifications that are on your device. I only delete the dupes though
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    Is it unwise to delete the notifications? I don't know the purpose they serve, all I know is that the number keeps increasing and they are not duplicates.
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    I use memmaid as well. It finds dupes and deletes them. I also manually delete any notifications that are ridiculously in the future....I see a lot of 2016 stuff. Anyone know what verisoft is? I see a lot of those also...

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