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    Hey all. Is there a way to shut down things that run in the "background", sucking up precious prog mem, without doing a soft reset?? Thanks.
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    yes a task manager. there are many talked about on this site. if you hold down the "ok" button it will show the stock task amnager. just select "stop all"
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    I know that part and iLauncher has a task mangr that I use often. Even after closing running programs, the memory is lacking about 3-4 meg. If I do a soft reset, it goes from ~ 11 to 14 meg. I was just wondering if I could do a single button program memory cleanup without the reset.
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    memmaid and sktools do a little more
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    jchrist, do you use oxios hibernate? It frees up memory from closed programs. I suggest reading this thread.
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    Oxios was a must-have for me on the w
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    Thanks!! Works great!

    I run WM5NewMenu and I just assigned it to a menu pick. Works like a charm!

    Im starting to get more confident with this thing so I may start doing some reg hacks. I have Sprite backup so no worries!

    hannip: If you get a chance, please steer me toward some newbe hacking threads or info. Thanks again.
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    I would go through the suggested threads list here.

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