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    HI, i love Blackberry's software for email, but not for anything else (calendar/contacts/tasks), plus it's a pain to synch.

    My question is - would you choose the 750v over the 8700 - and why? And also, how easy is it to synch? Can you have an automatic over-the-air synch?

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    Good thread!
    I can see the benefit of BlackBerry for e-mail (as our IT department wont support anything that isn't BB/Telstra supported) but from what I can see its useless for viewing attachements and anything else.
    Treo750 does have BBC capabilities meaning e-mail should be as good and is also 3G so faster speads for downloading and browsing.
    Attached is a comparison I brought up for four devices I'm considering (subject to release in Australia that is!).
    Palm IIIx > m505 > Tungsten T > T5 > Red BlackBerry Pearl 8110 (only device work IT will allow!)
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    Nice comparison, you're right, the Blackjack and the Pearl are both attractive alternatives. One of my goals is to get my calendar to synch over-the-air (i'm sick of plugging it into my desktop, then clicking "Yes" and so on, and then going through the whole process on my laptop aswell).

    The blackberry does messaging sooooo well, but that's about it....
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    From my limited knowledge any device with BBC will mean the automatic wireless syncing for not only mail but also calendar and tasks. Meaning your device calendar will be the same as your desktop PC.

    Any other programs or file sharing you would still need to do a sync but with ActiveSync this can be done wirelessly also. Palm OS doesn't support this as far as I'm aware though.
    Palm IIIx > m505 > Tungsten T > T5 > Red BlackBerry Pearl 8110 (only device work IT will allow!)
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    I would say the 750 will be a great device coming from an 8700.

    I have been on an 8700 since it was released, I was previously the BB using a 650. Over the last few weeks I have been using an 8525 which I can say was wonderfull, with 3G and the dual band you can basically set your email to fetch as quickly as you want it to, so even at 5 minute intervals its still great since you get email while your on the phone and what not.

    The WM5 is worlds ahead of BB software for everything basically. The only thing the BB does perfect is get email, but even the way emails are rendered are kind of lame.

    In a world where tons of email contants HTML the way the 8700 formats these maisl are not so hot, the WM5 OS does a far better job of stripping HTML and formatting emails.

    Throw in all the media, sling box, storage for music ms office apps and tons of 3rd party apps and its pretty clear where the edge for a true convergance device will go.

    With that being said, if your not tied to the BES and getting a handheld from your company and with the BBC on the 750, I really cant see why their is a point not to venture into 750 land!

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    you can sync your calendar, tasks, contacts, and email instantly with exchange server. if you company doesn't have an exchange server you can get a hosted exchange server access like 4smartphone or mail2web. I use 4smartphone and my treo, laptop, and pc are all up to date with the same info ALL THE TIME. over the air.

    you can only pull email over the air. calendar and stuff through exchange.

    hope this helps, cody
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    Thanks for the responses! I'm going to follow both paths, and see which works best. First I'm going to have a go at installing the BES system, and then if I drown in the LINUX of that one, go for the Treo.

    Of course if I go for the Treo, that means navigating Vodafone's wonderful customer service people. Last time I called, I had to explain the Treo was 3G, and that I need to have push email on it (push what? what email? etc)

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    Does the 8700 do this wirelessly too? I thought notes was the only thing that had to be synced via the desktop? That's true for the 750 too unless you use Goodlink.
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    Globe, there are no hard and fast rules or answers on any of these. Both the 750 and the 8700 answer your questions differently depending on the user scenario - meaning:

    I use the direct Exchange ActiveSync function on my 700wx, where it connects wirelessly to my corporate Exchange account, and my mail pushes/syncs as well as calendar and contacts - all instant push. So Good isn't the only option, not by a long shot, for the 750. That overall process is called 'Exchange ActiveSync' - EAS, and it applies to corporate users whose Exchange server is running 2003, SP2.

    In the BB world, corporate users would use either a Blackberry Enterprise Server - BES - or the desktop redirector, BIS, for their corporate mail. And actually, there are other choices as well, depending on the email being used. the BES is most common in the corporate world, though. But still there are other choices for the BB if you're using something like a POP or IMAP email account.

    My point is that there are too many variables involved in all of this to say 'does the Treo sync everything wirelessly?', or 'does the BB sync everything wirelessly?'. Just too many different scenarios out there for one single answer to apply.

    in MY case, my Treo definitely syncs everything wirelessly, with no middleware like Goodlink, but that's because of my specific situation. That may not apply to everyone.

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