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    Hi all,

    First, Happy New Year to everyone!!!

    I have a problem with tcpmp. i installed it in the phone's memory (not SD card). Everytime I try to see a picture (.jpg format) TCPMP freezes and there's nothing I can do, other than a soft reset...

    I tried reinstalling twice. Same result.

    Does anybody else have the same problem? I can't believe I'm the only one experiencing this issue, but I could not find a previous thread about it.

    Also, if someone knows of a good application (even if I need to pay for it) to play videos, music and pictures, I'm willing to use something else if I need to.

    Thanks to all
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    If you want the very best for Video and [arguably] audio, TCPMP is it.
    If you do a lot of internet radio streaming, then Resco Pocket Radio will suit you best.

    For pics, tcpmp locking up on JPEGs is a known bug. You should then get a REAL pic viewing app, like Resco Photo viewer. (I hope resco gives me out some commission after all this free publicity! hehe)

    Happy new year to u too.
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    I had this problem as well, I resized all my images to fit on the treo screen and it fixed the issue.
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    thanks a lot for your replies!!

    the problem I'm having it's even with pics I take with the phone camera... how do I resize those pics?

    I will also try the 'resco' products to see I'd that helps me out.

    thanks again!
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    Not sure I use TCPMP for videos only, I use whatever the built in one is for photo viewing.

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