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    After some searching both on TreoCentral and google, I haven't found much on the subject, but I am searching for DIR ASSIST and I am from Vancouver, Canada.. I've tried a few versisons for pocketpc (treo 700wx).. but none seem to work with Canada.

    If anybody could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.
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    I thought DA was a Palm-only app?
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    hmm. it is, for the most part.. I had the 650 and it worked great, but ever since ive been using the 700wx, i've only been able to find a version compatible for pocket pc that doesn't work for Canada
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    What about running the Palm program under StyleTap?
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    For windows mobile, you can use the excellent Windows Live Search program. It is very good.

    *EDIT*...Just noticed that it does not work in Canada. Sorry.
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    Wait, there's a version of DA for WM?! Where can I find it?
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    it's in this site:

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    Hey thanks for the replies.. Turns out Windows Live DOES work in Canada!
    Seems like a great program its helped me out a few times already.

    Also thank-you for the StyleTap suggestion.. I'm pretty new to WM. I like the simplicity of DA, it uses a lot less b/w and I've only got 10mb per month here. AND I can use some of my favorite palm apps thanks.

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