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    I tried to load themes using the Generatorv2 it creates the TSK file but it wont appear when I click the file on my phone. Is there a certain location it has to be in before i install it?
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    It has to be placed in the "themes" folder within your documents on your treo.
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    Please direct me to this folder. I cannot find this folder in Documents and Settings nor My documents
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    within the "documents" folder that is for your treo it should have created a "themes" folder automatically
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    I load all of my themes into my Windows folder.

    I can't get to that Windows folder from the explorer with Active Sync, so I copy them to a temporary folder on my storage card and then cut/paste them to the Windows folder.

    Dunno if that's where they "belong" but it's where the Treo finds them
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    For future reference to get to the Windows folder from Active Sync explorer you double click the "My Windows Mobile-Based Device" icon which is in the top left corner when you open AS explorer. Then you will see all of the folders on your device including the Windows folder.
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    Must make sure you have "show hidden files and folders" enabled on your desktop to see the Windows folder.

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