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    So I would like to GROUP Programs in the Programs Menu, similar to what Palm OS does to make them simpler to find after hitting Windows and Button and Programs...

    I see this is done in File Explorer and you can make folders in the Windows>Programs Area.... similar to heiracy on a desktop machine.

    I have no trouble moving items I have installed, however when I try and move a Program like CAMERA or Windows Media Player or anything else that can preinstalled, I get a warning saying that this could cause issues.

    Has anyone moved these programs out, and does it cause issues?

    I am trying to make this thing easier to navigate.

    (On Another note... Interestingly, with File Explorer I can See Camera and those Progtram installed... with Resco File Explorer I can NOT which is just weirds... both set to show all files including hidden)

    PS is there any hidden shortcut to get to the camera?
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    The reason you can't see the programs in Resco is most likely due to you looking in the wrong place. The folder you want to organize is \Windows\Start Menu\Programs not \Windows\Programs.

    I just created a folder called Media and moved all my music, video and camera links to it using Resco MoveTo option. No warnings and all working as expected.

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