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    Verizon has recently shipped me a new 700w. I am having an issue w/ this one that I was not having w/ my previous one.

    I have my email set to store attachments on my Storage Card. This works great except when I do a soft reset. When I do a soft reset it creates a new folder called "Storage Card" and recognizes my SC card as "Storage Card 2". The only way I can get things to work properly again is to remove my SD Card, open File Explorer, delete the "Storage Card" folder that my Treo created upon reset, and then reinsert my SD Card.

    With my old 700w I could do soft resets all day long and it not create this folder on me. Any ideas on why this is doing this with my replacement 700w and how to stop it?
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    It has something to do with the email storing messages on the storage card & the storage card being removed.

    To fix it, go here:


    Credit to Mal

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