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    I had my hotmail account setup to send me a sms message whenever I got a new email. This was working great until I applied the Palm SMS patch, now I get nothing.

    I tried to set it up again, but I never get the confirmation code either.

    Can anyone else verify if this feature is broke after the patch?

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    That's weird because the patch was supposed to fix issues when sending SMS, receiving was never an issue.

    I don't have MSN set up to send a SMS when I get e-mail, however, I do get text messages my friends send me through MSN (Windows Live) Messenger. I did notice today their formatting changed and instead of coming from a weird random number it came from or something like that...
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    I deleted everything and set up my mobile alerts again and this time I got the confirmation number and I get the alerts now.

    I'm not sure why it didn't work until I did that though. I also get alerts from now

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