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    I want to get my wife a GPS setup for her 700wx. I'd also like to use it with my 700p. I've been looking at a couple one box solutions:

    I've read and heard good bad things about both. The Garmin uses Navteq which I understand to be the better map product, but the TomTom may be more user friendly. Does anyone have any real world experience with either or both of these units? Would you recommend one or the other and why?

    I appreciate any help you may have to offer.

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    I have not used Garmen, but I am not a fan of TomTom. I have running Dell GPS software which uses Navteq maps on a Axim which I love. The program is so much better than TomTom it is not funny.

    Problem with the Dell software is that it wont format for the Treo screen properly so part of the map is cut off. Right now I am using TomTom but I plan on getting Iguidance soon as it uses the same navteq maps as the Dell Software.

    As far as a GPS receiver goes, I picked up a Globalsat SD512 which plugs into the SD slot of the Treo. It has built in memory for maps (512mb) and I am running the map program off of the GPS receiver too, so all I have to do is plug it in. The nice thing about the SD512 is that it runs off of the Treo's power so you dont have to worry about keeping it charged.

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