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    I want to resize images I take with my digital camera so I can upload them to flickr. Full rez images take too long and sometimes fail. Any application out there to resize images on the treo 700w/wx?
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    spb image. I think that's what it is called. it did resize but wasn't free.
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    sorry its called imageer.

    here is a link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    sorry its called insight.

    here is a link.
    cody, insight is a RSS reader not a photo program

    anyways, I use Resco Photo:

    It's hands down the best WM5 photo program out there, imo

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    I think the app codyppc means is Spb Imageer. That one gets quite favorable reviews - like this one - but as you says Resco's app has a sterling rep for a long time ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    cody, insight is a RSS reader not a photo program
    my bad. I edited my post above.
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    Great program cody

    Phil C

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