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    I found a decent article on getting Vodafone Live to work.

    Now most of us in the UK on vodafone only need to select the WAP profile to use the standard WAP details already. Then going to will bring up a text only version of the site. This soon broke for me but finding the link above has given me a more stable connection (using http proxy rather than WAP).

    However I can still only get the text version unless I do something specific every boot. Resetting the Palm seems to overwrite any custom values in the User Agent registry key with the Palm 750v Mozilla 4.0 type. So to get the full colour version I have to reset, edit the UA key and THEN load Pocket IE. Loading PIE before updating the UA string does not work and the settings are lost every reset.

    Is there a way of either scripting the registry setting (something in the Startup folder?) or getting the value to stick after the reset? Otherwise is there a decent (quality and price) browser that allows custom user agent settings?

    I'm not knocking the text only version of Live either as it's 10x faster.

    Palm 750v UK with AgendaOne, Resco Explorer, HTTPMail Provider, HiCalc and WMList. Piel Frama exec case. 1GB Mini SD.
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