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    Update I Found The Faults And Made The Fix.if Your Using Pocket Max Keylight You Have Will Have A Much Better Choice In 30 Min.
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    If you are using version 1.1
    screen dim function can be turned by press off canel tab.Your settings will return back to 60 sec=no screen dim.
    I would advice you to dump the 1.1 and go with the upgrade version


    More features with voice comfermation of keylight/backlight setting.
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    great job slingbox.

    thanks for your work.

    i just download the TREO POWER how come the number of views didn't change? i wanted to be first, but maybe i'm not...
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    Hmm You are more then likely the first
    We need to slap that bad boy in a cab. file
    I cant beleave I forgot about turning off screen dim.Press cancel Tab on power manager screen and screen dim turns off.
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    These are three stand alone scripts right? I will try the dimming too
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    Hrmm, how do you turn off the screen dim feature (i see how to turn it on)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichKlein View Post
    Hrmm, how do you turn off the screen dim feature (i see how to turn it on)?
    You tap on canel tab on the power manger screen and orginal settings are kicked back in..
    if the cancel does not work you were one of the first 4 members that downloaded the zip.If this is the zip again and replace the
    POWER MANAGER.mscr file and your good to go
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichKlein View Post

    These are three stand alone scripts right? I will try the dimming too
    The main script being Power manager.mscr.The 2 either script work with setting BATT/AC/Bkl1 settings Those 2 small scripts running with main script create the magicAnd what funny thinking about those 2 scrips run for about 5 secends when keylights are turn off and on form the Power manager screen...
    THis script is running very very light
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    Edit: Well wouldn't you know. I figured out the real solution to turn off and on the keylights and it's so simple that I can't understand why Bruce didn't think of it.

    Go download DotFred's TaskMgr app from the xda forums. It allows you to unload and load drivers. List the Devices to find the KYL0 driver and click the stop button. Lights go out. Then click the play button. Lights go on. NO FLICKER!!!
    Nice find, hannip.
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    Being your PM are full
    Case 1 must be blank
    Case 0 being cancel is your 60sec
    On open of screen the blue highlight set on case 1
    When you press cancel you are doing just that cancel on
    your 30sec value pulling in your 60 real time.
    when you scroll down to cancel your value wount kick in
    because you have the last case on screen highlited.
    you must not scrol to cancel.just tap.
    were are the kudo,s around here
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    Nice work! I am enjoying the app!
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    We could add the diffrent led alert scripts to be called to the menu choice. hmmm
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    very nice look giving us keylight timer

    Case 3 will work well
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    PTVL uses a desktop component to sync its data to the Treo. Windows Vista won't install this conduit, so I setup my desktop to sync the PTVL's Listings.dat file to my Treo which ends up in the My Documents folder.

    I then setup a shortcut to PTVL.mscr which contains the code below. Basically, I activesync my Treo and when I run PTVL.mscr it copies the activesynced copy of Listings.dat to the appropriate folder then runs PTVL. This workaround lets me continue to use Vista and PTVL.

    Delete "\Storage Card\Program Files\PTVL\Listings.dat"
    Copy "\My documents\Listings.dat", "\Storage Card\Program Files\PTVL\Listings.dat"
    Run "\Storage Card\Program Files\PTVL\PTVL.exe"
    Do you know how code the "Overwrite" option for the Copy command? I found the info below from the website, but am not sure how to format it.

    Copy source file, target file [,overwrite?]

    The target must contain a filename, too. (I.e., not only the path!)
    If "overwrite?" is 0 or omitted, already existing files won't be overwritten.
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    Change the line to:

    Copy "\My documents\Listings.dat", "\Storage Card\Program Files\PTVL\Listings.dat", 1

    nice workaround!
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    very nice look giving us keylight timer

    Case 3 will work well


    That looks pretty nice too! I am finding that the key light being off probably helps save the battery (not a real way for me to test that though).
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    Here's my first attempt at MortScripting. It's fun to watch in action, especially when I use voice command to "Start NewMessageToMyWife".

    # FileName:  NewMessageToMyWife.mscr
    New( "Message" )
    WaitForActive( "Messaging", 10 )
    # ...for my system, in the next command, "h" is for hotmail, "t" for Text Message,
    #    "o" for Outlook, "m" for MMS
    SendKeys( "Messaging", "h" )
    Sleep (1000)
    SendCR ("Messaging")
    Sleep (2000)
    #  I tried a WindowName of "Hotmail" for all the Send commands from here to the end, 
    #  but the "Hotmail" window wasn't found, even tho Task Manager listed the appname 
    #  as "Hotmail".  Also, I tried a Window name of "Messaging" but it didn't work either....
    #  ... hmmmm???
    SendKeys("" )
    SendKeys("Message From The Love of Your Life" )
    SendKeys("Darling:" )
    SendKeys("Smooches!" )
    SendKeys("Your Lazy Husband" )
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    To make the many mortscripts I have execute via voice command, I map the side button to the voice command. I also place all my mort script files in a subdir under \windows\start menu\programs\Scripts

    Since .mscr files are registered program apps, they execute like any other shortcut or application. since most of my scripts are one or two liners, I don't go thru the effort to install them on the storage card and make shortcuts.

    The trick (for me) to successful voice commands is in nounverb style .mscr file names. Examples:

    PhoneDialer.mscr <-- not sure this ever executes, since phonedialer.exe is
    higher up in the food chain.

    For example, no matter what app I'm in, I can actvate the voice command button and say: "Start TypingMyInfo" and my contact info is typed on the screen.

    The Calendar commands are quick and convenient. The re-boot command is a real time saver, too.

    -- JDC
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    very nice
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    Thanks... do you (or anyone else) know the .exe that is executed when the "FlightModeOn" and "FlightModeOff" voice commands are issued? Is this a registry manipulation?
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