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    ah i gotcha. i set it to all files and even looked through it on my comp, but i still dont have it... its kinda odd

    what if we just took the one from the 680 and changed the .prc to .dll? it sounds really stupid, but hey, we have to try everything!
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    Make sure you also uncheck the box for "Hide files in ROM". At any rate it looks like it doesn't make a difference anyway at this point.
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    sorry to be a bother but any time frames on this, like are we expecting any new wm5 phones with sdhc sometime in the future? thanks
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    maybe the 750v will. hopefully it does and hopefully it comes out soon! i tried to suggest an update for SDHC, but its nearly impossible to reach palm about anything other than broken screens or shipping orders. sprint is also a pain because all they say is "ask palm" or any variant of that remark. or they just say they have forwarded it to a special group... how gay... i think it'll be a while before an official update ever comes out X_X

    EDIT: yeah... the 750 does use miniSD... i was thinking of it more as the windows mobile version of a 680... lol!
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    doesnt the 750 use miniSD cards though?
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    Our best hope is some GSM HTC device will get this support once microsoft writes it. Stay tuned to xda-developers for info on this if you want to be up to date.
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    just so you guys know. this guy in the 4th post of this thread says his 4g sd card works.
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    I'm pretty sure that dude has a standard format 4gig card, not SDHC. Anyone wanna buy my 4gig SDHC card for thei camera?
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