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    Is there a link here or elsewhere to instructions on how to set default fonts for most WM5 built-in apps? I've searched/googled high and low with no success.

    I have put several fonts in the \Windows\font directory. Tahoma is supposed to be the default (built-in) font and although I've added that font in the directory and it works correctly (tested using Word Mobile), it appears that the last font put in the directory often takes precedence with the phone app on the Today Screen. At one time, the last font was spGreek so the "Dialing" and phone number on the screen was quite interesting. I added comic.ttf and at least the characters are readable.

    Arial.ttf is the font used in the messages and some other apps for some reason. I like that font but I'd like to know why it is being used. Maybe I need to add Tahoma Bold? Is there a link that explains where all of this is found in the registry?

    TIA for some direction.
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