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    I'm a long time palm treo owner who has recently switched to the windows treo. On my today screen I would like to view my tasks rather than just be informed as to how many there are. Can someone instruct me in how to do this. I've tried the obvious ideas like hitting the menu key and I've diabled/reenabled it chose options but again i'm limited to deciding which types of tasks to be notified of rather than the tasks themselves. Thank you in advance. I'm a noob all over again. Also if this can only be accomplished with a 3rd party app please point a noob in the righ direction.

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    You do need a third party solution. There are some free options (google PocketPC freewares and a site should pop up, but beware of popups on those sites) but I personally use SBSH PocketBreeze which is an all-in-one PIM manager for your today screen. Its a great program, and definitely worth the price of admission. However, try it out for a few days on the trial. SPB Diary is another great app, very similar to Pocketbreeze.
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    I am using SBSH PocketBreeze also.
    I tried SPB but soemhow liked PocketBreeze better.

    PocketBreeze is currently on PublicBeta for their next version upgrade.
    And its sexy!
    Within a week or so they suppose to have imtegration with AgendaOne as well
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    TodayAgenda will do it and it's free.


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