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    images in order
    1-missedcall-voicemail alert present.I tap on missed call tab on pa skin
    2-taking me to missed call screen
    3-exiting missed call screen taking me to today screen showing voicemail alert tab on Pa skin
    4-checking voicemail then deleating message
    5-voicemail alert on skin clears but missed call icon appears next to evdo icon
    6- it shows the missed call icon on top and missed call softkey on treo lower left
    7-I then must clear the missed call once more.

    Ive did the hardreset more then twice giving PA a fresh download.
    Diffrent skin were tested
    Diffrent PA build were used
    NO back up or active sync were used to install PA or skins
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    I would post this on the PhoneAlarm forum for Bruce to look into.

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    I gave it a post yesterday getting a reply from bruce
    Re: wx missed call does not tie into PA missed call
    Reply #4 on: Today at 05:51:11 AM


    As I said to your email - this is a system thing!
    phoneAlarm is not setting the Missed Call alarm the second time on your device (it can't do that!!)

    On some device dialing for Voicemail will also clear the Missed call alarm! but is device (or operator?) dependent.
    could add that as an option in v1.60 of phoneAlarm though....
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    (Another missed call clear option)
    If you dismiss the call using hardware option then check v-mail you have the missed call alert on Pa skin still awake.when missed call tab on skin is cleard it once more takes you back to missed call list.
    This is what drives are wx buggy inturn crash making many unhappy Pa users
    They then dump the software with there bad storys of using.

    If Bruce should (add that option) in the v1.60 PA build it would be user friendly for the wx ..Untill then PA and hardware are playing tug of war with the wx losing with screen frezz,needed soft resets/hard resets
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    I honestly rarely get a missed call so I haven't seen this. Have you tried going to VM first and seeing what happens?

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    For starts when getting v-mail you always want to see who called first.

    When going direcly to voice mail the PA missed call alert tab is still active.When missed tab is cleared on skin it takes you to your missesd call list.You would think your missed call is cleard.
    HINT-Your missed call has not been cleard in your treo software using PA.There banking up causing software conflict .That were the Tug of war comparsion comes into play.

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