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    Happy Holidays everyone!!! I have been frustrated that everytime I cradle my 700wx, I get the Outlook login prompt on my desktop PC even though when I installed activesync it asked me for the exchange login info and suggested that if I saved the password there it could do automated sync without me having to login. Am I doing something wrong? Does everyone get this login when they cradle if Outlook isn't already running and logged in? Thanks.
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    I'm sorry, I don't have the 700wx, I have the 700w, and I don't go through an exchange server - However, this site:
    is quite extensive in helping to resolve these types of problems.
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    this happens to me as well unless i have outlook allready loged in with the server and opened. then when i connect with cradle everything goes good.

    i would like to see a fix for this. altho i just havent let it bother me much.

    good luck
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    Same issue here. I just don't want to necessarily have the Outlook desktop client always running. It's just an annoyance I guess.

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